From Your Lens


From your lens I see my reflection.

When I eat standing up and point my toes into the grounds direction.

I see me in your smile, in your laugh and in the gap between your teeth.


From your lens I see my anger unchecked.

The rage that rises from an act of betrayal.

Dark thoughts led by innocent youth and deflecting you from its truth.

It is better to forgive.

I steer you away from its flames, so you won’t be consumed and you can live.


From your lens I see my future.

Days of worry and days of joy, one day passed down to your girl or boy.

Always equipping you with tools for defense and survival.

Coming for visits and staying till nightfall.


From your lens I see my love.

Love potential that is boundless and uncontainable.

Love that is accepting to all and has not yet made to fail.

Love for all my neighbors and yes even those of strangers.

For innocent love does not know any danger.


From your lens I see my hope.

Your dedication and drive to be a success.

Your willingness to be a part of happiness.

Your desire to make the world a better place.

One day you will grow up and I will say, I’m so proud of the man you are today.

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