Natural Remedies to Cure Common Problems Should not be Ignored

Please share any natural remedies you know (list source of info, if able).

Intrigue Sui Generis

fava beans

To lose history is to waste resourceful information. It is like reinventing the wheel over and over again. Not ideal? Yet, that is what our society is doing. When someone gets sick the first thought is whether we need prescribed medicine or not. Although this may not be the most logical solution to our issue and allot of the time has side effects that cause additional problems. However, if this is the only way we know, are choices seem limited. This is what pharmaceutical corporations want us to think.

We have ignored our history for so long that knowledge of other means seems kooky and unreliable. Again, systematically programmed into our brains, including mine. This article aims to briefly discuss how we got this way as a society and provides a much-needed spotlight on some of the GOD source medicine that we should never forget about.

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