Alone (part 1)

Suddenly the wind was blowing. The rain came down harder. The basement bulk head doors could be heard being burst open and banging against the concrete attachment. That was when shelly realized that she had woke up all alone. She curled into a ball and squeezed on her pillow as she rolled over to the... Continue Reading →

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African Diaspora

The term ‘’African Diaspora’’ has been used by historians, writers, and ethnographers to refer to all descendants of Africa. Some scholars have used it to refer to the current emigration from Africa. The African Union defines the African Diaspora as individuals of African origin living away from their home continent (Africa). ❤️🖤💚 The phrase "African Diaspora’’ was... Continue Reading →

Fab over 40 Competition

Was #1, now I’m holding fast at #2. But I’d appreciate your daily vote in making that #1 again. Please click link to vote for me in this years FabOver40 competition. If I’m winner I will get $40 K and I will get to introduce my content in a magazine feature. Allowing more focus on... Continue Reading →

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