Do you hear it? Please stop… It sounds like bees buzzing in my head. I take a sip of wine to dull the sound. But it still aches. Now my chest hurts too. What else can I do? I cry, I pray, lord take this frustration away. Somehow all I do comes full circle back... Continue Reading →

Was King Arthur a real man or fiction?

(Media image Author: Tom Ordelman. CC BY-SA 3.0) King Arthur also known as Arthur Pendragon in stories is described as one of the most renown kings to have ever lived. King Arthur allegedly led British forces against the Saxon intruders in the 6th century and won ( staff. 2017). His tale has been embellished to... Continue Reading →

The Pope’s Pear

by Babcock1976. This is a torture device commonly known as "The Pope's Pear." "A woman who slept with Satan would find the pear end in her vagina, a man who slept with another man would find it in his anus, and a heretic, in his mouth. Once inside, the torturer would then turn the handle... Continue Reading →

Restore me

Lord I need you right now. I feel myself slipping away. Turn this darkness into grey. Let the grey fade into light. Return the wrong and make it right. My sad heart can't take no more. Pick me up from off the floor. Lord I need you right now. Come and save me somehow. Restore... Continue Reading →

Alone part 5

For about 20 minutes Dean and Shelly dug further and further underground. Until they saw a pulsing green light. “Shelly get back!” Dean shouted. Shelly quickly climbed out of the hole they had just made. Once dean saw Shelly was at a safe distance he made one more deep plunge into the earth. Underneath lied... Continue Reading →


Life is what you make it,don't just stand by, stand up and take it. Take it by the reigns and guide it up the path that you desire. Let NO ONE stomp out your fire. Rise it higher!😉


Every day presents me with a new road block, yet still I rise. Bile encompassing me with butterflies. People watching and waiting for my demise. Yet still I rise. Can’t stop moving, can’t stop the climb. Not going back down I’m almost there. Obstacles are removed without a care. They had no business being in... Continue Reading →

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