Alone (part 1)


Suddenly the wind was blowing. The rain came down harder. The basement bulk head doors could be heard being burst open and banging against the concrete attachment. That was when shelly realized that she had woke up all alone. She curled into a ball and squeezed on her pillow as she rolled over to the empty side of her bed. Only a week ago her husband Jesse used to sleep there. Jesse would have gotten up and closed the bulk head doors without hesitation. Jesse would be comforting her right now; holding her tight. It was in those arms that she felt fearless and it gave her a false sense of security. Should I call him? Shelly considered.

“No! It is still better with him gone.” Shelly said out loud, as she reluctantly climbed out of her warm comforters and headed for the back of her bedroom door. Shelly grabbed her robe and slippers near the side of her bed. Then she opened the wooden drawer near her bed and checked her revolver to see if it was loaded. Seeing that it was, Shelly placed the gun into her over sized robe pocket and continued her journey to shut the bulk head doors.

Now downstairs, Shelly looked out her living room window. There was lightning in the sky, followed by thunder. The trees swayed violently back and forth. I’ll just have to be quick, Shelly thought as she got herself pumped up to go outside. Shelly changed out of her slippers, slid on some rainboots and covered herself with a rain poncho. Shelly hoped that she wouldn’t get completely soaked. Then Shelly considered that she could limit her outside time if she started by climbing out from the basement, closing the door, tying it with rope, and then running back around the front.

Shelly turned back from the living room and headed for the basement when she realized that she didn’t hear the bulk head doors anymore. But the wind was still howling, and the lightning was clashing……Shelly listened closer. No she definitely didn’t hear the banging bulk head door. Shelly nervously felt inside her side pocket and took her revolver off safety. Gaining courage from her Smith and Wesson Shelly started her decent into the basement. She heard coughing and quickly pulled on the light cord above her head. She saw the back of a wet man standing in front of the fireplace that had been turned on. Shelly continued walking down the stairs as she held out her gun and demanded that this stranger turn around.

 Alone (part 2)

Continuing the Alone series online

If you would like the series to continue weekly on this web page, make a small donation, it would be appreciated. This content otherwise will be combined and released separately in a book at a later release date TBD.



Who do you think is in Shelly’s basement? (Part 2 will follow by the end of next week and prize will be awarded to anyone who guesses correctly.)

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