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My wish for you is to never forget the knowledge that we have gained as humans throughout our civilization of existence. As you turn the pages may your memory be refreshed to historical lessons that add value to our daily lives and existence on a social level.

I am a author that seeks to grab the attention of curious minds and provide something new, refreshing and satisfying through the imagination. I write in the genres of Sci-Fi, Historical Fiction, Christian Fantasy, Children Fantasy, short story, novels and poetry.

I have a slight obsession with the medieval time period which you will see is a common era in most of my books.

I have a degree in education and I am a mother of two.

Adventures in the mind can be just as entertaining as the ones in living color, creating them in books is really fun. I love nature and every chance I get to go outside, experience adventures, or travel, I take it.

Click what ever category you are most interested in and check out the site. Promise these topics wont bite. So much more to come!

Have fun! “life is for living!”

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