The Pope’s Pear

by Babcock1976. This is a torture device commonly known as "The Pope's Pear." "A woman who slept with Satan would find the pear end in her vagina, a man who slept with another man would find it in his anus, and a heretic, in his mouth. Once inside, the torturer would then turn the handle... Continue Reading →

Alone part 5

For about 20 minutes Dean and Shelly dug further and further underground. Until they saw a pulsing green light. “Shelly get back!” Dean shouted. Shelly quickly climbed out of the hole they had just made. Once dean saw Shelly was at a safe distance he made one more deep plunge into the earth. Underneath lied... Continue Reading →

The Witch Trials: The Becoming

Hello! Cheers everyone, the day has come. Please take a moment to check out my latest release. The Witch Trials: The Becoming (Volume 1).  A historical fiction short story series. Please feel free to share this book with any and everyone. History must never be forgotten. “Behind every survivor lies a hidden strength and it... Continue Reading →

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