The Pope’s Pear

the_pear_of_anguish_torture_device_3d_model_by babcock1976
by Babcock1976.

Updated September 10, 2019.

This is a torture device commonly known as “The Pope’s Pear.”
“A woman who slept with Satan would find the pear end in her vagina, a man who slept with another man would find it in his anus, and a heretic, in his mouth. Once inside, the torturer would then turn the handle to expand the pear, which blossomed like a flower with three mutilating, razor-sharp petals.” ( (n.d). The Pope’s Pear. Retrieved from:…/top-10-twisted-torture-techniques_…)
Guess who invented this device?

Perhaps you will hear more about this in a future part of “The Witch Trials” short book series.

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