Alone part 5

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For about 20 minutes Dean and Shelly dug further and further underground. Until they saw a pulsing green light. “Shelly get back!” Dean shouted.

Shelly quickly climbed out of the hole they had just made. Once dean saw Shelly was at a safe distance he made one more deep plunge into the earth. Underneath lied what looked like millions of small glowing snake like creatures moving very fast into the same direction. They were all heading south, straight into the fenced in neighbor’s yard. When these creatures touched each other, they combined and emitted a pulsated green light. “Dean get out of there!” Shelly yelled.

Dean reached up to climb out of the hole. But his foot slipped on the degrading dirt and into the sea of glowing snakes. Shelly screamed. Dean started frantically shaking his leg and looked down to see if any snakes were crawling on him. “Dean…. your glowing!” Shelly observed.

Not only were there no snakes on him. He was encased in a protective blue light that the snakes seemed to fear. Upon Deans foot hitting the earth encompassed by snakes two thing had happened. One the snakes had scattered away from him. Two the snakes that did not make it out became instantly inflamed upon contact with Deans foot.  Dean tried again to get climb out of the hole. Shelly reached out to grab his hand, then she pulled it back. Dean managed to still get himself out.  “Let’s peak over the fence and see where these critters are going” Dean said. As he walked toward the fence he stopped glowing. Dean looked at his arm for a quick second acknowledging this change and kept moving.

“Dean how are you doing that?” asked Shelly.  Dean stopped walking and turned around. He waited long enough for Shelly to catch up to him and said, “I don’t know.” Dean took a deep breathe and continued towards the fence. Shelly wasn’t tall enough to see over the fence, but Dean was. “Shelly you are not going to believe this.”

“Dean lift me up.” Dean lowered himself allowing Shelly to hop onto his shoulders. Shelly made a quick touch on his shoulder and pulled it away. Nothing happened. “Shelly, I would never hurt you.”

“I just wanted to double check”, Shelly confessed. Then she gingerly climbed onto Deans shoulders. Dean stood up and they both looked out into the neighbor’s yard.


Continuing the Alone series online

If you would like the series to continue weekly on this web page, make a small donation, it would be appreciated. This content otherwise will be combined and released separately in a book at a later release date TBD.


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