No One

I look up, I look down. No one I can trust can be found. You were here I saw you once I know, but where are you? Where did you go? I have my gear, my health my zeal. Glad to be alive still. But happiness is still far from hand living in a distant... Continue Reading →


Maybe, just maybe we can find a way. Work our dark world into gray. Take all the clouds out of the sky and let the sun dry our tears away. Deep down we will always know, but we don’t have to let it show. Focus on the good and not the bad. Remember the happy... Continue Reading →


I forgot how miserable this felt. You being away from me. Nothing can replace your presence. It is a longing that runs deep as the ocean and slips you into depression. How long can I last not being able to breathe? Your presence is all I need. A phone call, a message. To bring me... Continue Reading →

Change to Status Quo

Disrupt the norm and enter the new the future is looking bright for you. Resemblances of peace and natures calm. Returning from a blast of snow storm. The residue from the rain is subsiding. What was all the clouds up top hiding.   Beauty, joy and peace. I have found you at last, deep and... Continue Reading →


Now that I have risen, I want new things. I want to loosen and propel my springs. How high can I fly; how far can I go? There is always more to explore always more to sow. You see one can never do enough, as long as your alive. There will always be a need... Continue Reading →

I’m Too Late

There are things that I have to and want to confess that need to transcribe from mind to words today. I once had you in my clutches but now your far at bay. I still hear your laugh and see your smile sometimes when I blink. I have never again felt the love that I... Continue Reading →

Provoke Me

Provoke me with intelligence, provoke me with your mind. Show me what you know, how you can help me grow. Lead me to knew enticements, make me want to dance. Move me to pleasure, Devise me of my pain. Help me improve as a person. Lead by example. Hold my hand when I am down.... Continue Reading →

What Am I?

I am wise and distinguished. I can make people laugh and I can make them cry. I am hard to miss and hard to find. I do not like to be alone, I like to have company. I can be smoothed out or filled in. Having me around says you have been on a journey,... Continue Reading →

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