Enter Light


Surrounded by hues of black, blue and purple.

The sands of time are falling. Am I running in circles?

I cannot see very far in front of me one direction or another.

So, I walk slowly feeling my way around as I move forward.


Almost out of no where I stumbled upon something new. I want to touch it, but I’m scared, it’s too bright.

Very hard to see through this bright yellow light. Its lovely and warm I want more of it on my skin.

So, I move closer to it. Hoping it won’t burn, I squint.


It’s almost recognizable as my strained eyes start to see.

I found you once again and you have found me.

Its hard to recognize the light when you have only lived in darkness.

So, at this second chance I embrace within and hold on tight.


The darkness kept me drained and always in fatigue.

But in the light, I feel strong and ready to succeed.

I want to live inside the glow and always feel you near.

For in the light there is love and in the darkness there is fear.

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