Your True Reflection (One for the broken hearted)


All I wanted to give you was happiness. In return you gave me pain.

I had a wound in my heart that needed repair you filled it with glass shard.

It cut me deeply and I lay bare, from the injury that you inflict there.

How could you be so cold, to the one that gave you nothing but gold.

I thought you needed me, and I needed you. But now I see that was not true.

I was your crutch your stepping stone, now you have left me silent and


Was it wrong to love you? I do not care to know. I just want to go back home.

Home is where I live. I want to feel my spirit free, to give love without replead. To enjoy my time before I leave.

I want to plant many seeds and see them sprout.

Make children laugh, make angels sing, and feel the oceans waves spring.

Spring me from my slumber and breathe this energy into life.

For my dream filled me with desire. So exuberant but out of reach.

Is it a fantasy or fiction?…….  The truth is in the nightlights wonder.

In the fire with the reflection of our shadow flung. The true nature of our souls lie outward. It is here one can see your fangs once hidden, were prudently sprung.

From your shadow, I’m pulling your teeth from my throat, I’m removing them one by one.

Once that is done my wound will callus and my nightmare will be over .

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