Angels blowing trumpets

Can you hear it? the sounds of trumpets?

As you walk into the room you can feel the energy souring through.

No one passes without saying hi to you. How are you? How do you do?

Everything is feeling smooth; the passages are clear to move.

When the music stops you notice things. Nothing is as it seems.

The veil is worn so close to skin that you did not notice is porosity.

Where there is a crack a hole can boon. The devil is busy, now he has wiggle room.

Tearing at the veil, scratching at you, and fighting to be unleashed. Yet no one heard him.

Then you find your self wounded and disoriented wondering how.

The warnings were there but you creeped passed them without a care.

Now you are where you were before. The same scene but with eyes wide open, unshut.

They weren’t trumpets they were shouts telling you to get out.

That wasn’t energy it was heat, because you were getting close to fire.

People are saying hi because they can see all that is about to transpire.

But you simpleton did not know? Your time is up!

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