I’m Too Late

woman looking out window

There are things that I have to and want to confess that need to transcribe from mind to words today.

I once had you in my clutches but now your far at bay.

I still hear your laugh and see your smile sometimes when I blink.

I have never again felt the love that I endured in your tenure at my heart.

I wish you are happy getting what you deserve even though we are apart.

I was too young and blinded by ambitious ventures that I let you slip away.

Regret I cannot say, for one can not know the future in the moment.  I chose it, I own it.

I just want to thankyou for the memories that you helped me to make.

The joy that you gave me to take.

So much has happened in-between the last time I saw you. Too much I think.

What if we could take all the obstacles away could we have just one more day?

What would we say? What would we do? Would that be enough for you? Enough for me…..

I was blessed to have met you in our life’s cycle,  if only for a few minutes…. I’ll take it.

A lifetime without you feels like I am just passing the time. Will I make it?

Only you…… I’m reflecting….my feelings out loud. Just like you wanted me to.

But I’m too late, before my racing feet even touched the ground.

For you are no longer around.

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