The Question/Poetry

mazeTalking to you is like talking with a mystery.

What lies behind the hidden door to your mind?

Whoever dare-eth to seek admission, what will they find?

Is it a labyrinth to hell, or a wealth of knowledge at the end of this tunnel?

Your vision…. Oh No! It sees me approaching. Defenses are UP!

The first question lead to seven more. Dodged that one, now I’m blocking.

What did I… ask… you for? Conundrum…. I still have no answer to the question.

Now my heart is racing from the fumes of anger, spewing out of the walls of this labyrinth.

Just being in here is affecting me. I can feel the emotions too.

It is what the labyrinth does to you.

 There’s no way out, I’m at its center.

Warning to all…….

Do not go back…… Do Not Enter!

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