Natural Remedies to Cure Common Problems Should not be Ignored

fava beans

Written by Intrigue Sui Generis

September, 2019

The Problem

To lose history is to waste resourceful information. It is like reinventing the wheel over and over again. Not ideal? Yet, that is what our society is doing. When someone gets sick the first thought is whether we need prescribed medicine or not. Although this may not be the most logical solution to our issue and allot of the time has side effects that cause additional problems. However, if this is the only way we know, are choices seem limited. This is what pharmaceutical corporations want us to think.

We have ignored our history for so long that knowledge of other means seems kooky and unreliable. Again, systematically programmed into our brains, including mine. This article aims to briefly discuss how we got this way as a society and provides a much-needed spotlight on some of the GOD source medicine that we should never forget about.

How and Why Food Power was Diminished

I am here to tell you that in many instances there is a natural remedy to things that we routinely seek medicine for. We could grow it at home for free or acquire from a natural food store like Whole foods or order online. Historically what we ate was very important amongst both the people and government. Socrates, a famous physician once said, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” In the 16th century most people ate vegetables. It was mostly the wealthy that ate meat on a regular basis (Thomas, 2014). This put the lower classes at a health advantage.

In many places there were laws regarding who could eat what. In Tudor England these laws were called sumptuary laws of May 31, 1517 (Thomas, 2014). This law fined people who got caught eating outside of the legal mandate. There were many other detailed laws such as, how many meals you could eat per day, how much meat could be consumed and from which houses. However, for the focus of this article I will focus on the law regarding Fish. For this ideology was the beginning of commercial food control. “On certain days by law people had to eat fish instead of meat. At first, this was for religious reasons but later in the 16th century, it was to support the fishing industry.” (Thomas, 2014).

Laws that Control our Food Intake

In present day, we have federal agencies in the USA, that give the guise of aid in protecting human food consumption while only encouraging regulation (they do not mandate it). For example; the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). I could write an entirely new article or book just talking about the practices and inept focuses and changes of this agency. But for the sake of this article lets discuss the purpose of the agency and the fact that the word encourage is listed at least 26 times in their latest food safety advisory (every time you see the word encourage, please note this means it is not a requirement, not a law where fines could ensue).

United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

Estimated by the FDA directly ‘’foodborne diseases cause approximately 48 million illnesses, 128,000 hospitalizations, and 3,000 deaths in the United States each year.” (Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition, 2018, p. preface I). FDA proceed to claim that the cause of these foodborne health issues stems from merely hygiene malpractice and consumption of undercooked foods. (Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition, 2018). Therefore, all their preventative recommendations are regarding proper food hygiene. Look for yourself, I’ve included their most recent 2017 food code guide in the citations for your viewing pleasure (The purpose of the organization and quoted information is highlighted within the first few pages). The problems are all directed at the people and none of it on the food. It is never mentioned anywhere at any time, that I have found, where it is recognized that what is being put inside the food, or how the food is manufactured, could be the problem. How is this fact excluded from consideration?

European Union

Let’s compare United States FDA standards to food safety laws established and enforced by the European Union. Without highlighting the thousands of food additives that are allowed in the USA but banned in Europe for health risk concerns. I will make it even simpler than that. The mandate (meaning laws not encouragements) for food safety in the European Union is a four-part structure: food hygiene, animal health, plant health and contaminants and residues (European Union, 2019). One of the four focuses is hygiene, but the other three parts have to do with FOOD at its source! The differences are obvious.


It is my believe that some food companies, pharmaceutical companies and some doctors, whether they know it or not, work together to create problems and solutions. When general mills put Trisodium Phosphate (TP) in their cereal and you consume it every day, your body will react. Especially if you are unintentionally eating other things in the day that also contain small amounts of TP. Small + small + small = big. Trisodium Phosphate can cause carcinogenicity, reproductive failures, irritation to the gastric mucosa, kidney toxicity and osteoporosis, to name a few (Kubala, 2018). What if you went to the doctor with symptoms of osteoporosis and your Dr. prescribed some bio phosphonate like Fosamax or Boniva? It may help to prevent further deterioration of bone, but it would be sugar coating the underlying problem and most likely give you side effects. See my point? Did you know that fava beans are high in copper and manganese? (Streit, 2018). These two ingredients are vital to bone strength (Streit, 2018).

Look Before you Leap

Just to be clear, I am not promoting that you stop seeing your doctors. I am suggesting is that you start paying closer attention to what you are eating and start taking responsibility for your own health. Especially if you eat something often or if it’s something new to your diet and you do not feel well. Changing what you eat can make all the difference. In the previously mentioned osteoporosis scenario, imagine if you changed cereals and took 1.75 cups of fava beans a day. This would not only sugar coat the symptom, but it will end it, re-strengthen your bones, you will get better and boost your immune system with a slew of other fava bean benefits.

We could do better in the USA, and we should. Contact your local state representative and demand change. One should really stop and question what you are consuming and if you’re feeling healthy. Before trying a prescribed medication why not try GOD sourced food first? I know which source I trust more. What do you have to lose? If the natural doesn’t work, I’m sure big pharma will still take your money. The only way to untrain the mind is to be open to the possibility and live the experience enough times that you start to believe it to be true.

Please watch this video I found online highlighting some foods with great health benefits.


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