Alone (part 2)

Dean had been so cold and shaken by what he had experienced, while fixing the door in the pouring rain, that he did not even hear Shelly’s approach from the stairs behind him. He had only wanted to warm up by the fire, and dry his shirt a little, before heading back out into his truck that was parked outside. Shelly had taken him by surprise in every way. When he turned around he put his hands up at the sight of the gun, his black hair was draped in wet curls over most of his face and as his eyes moved up, he found himself captivated by Shelly. She was just like Dean had remembered. The light was directly over Shelly’s head. Her green eyes twinkled, and Shelly’s gentle features seemed to give off a soft glow.

“I did not mean to startle you miss,” Dean stated.

Shelly looked him over as she spoke, “Who are you and what are you doing in my house?” Shelly inquired to the shirtless man.

” My name is Dean, I am a line man from Pike Electric. I just was passing by when I saw that your basement doors were busted.” Shelly moved closer, but still had her gun raised.

“I’m a friend of Jesse’s, he told me that he had moved out, so I figured it would be wrong to just leave you like this,” Dean explained.

Shelly had walked the rest of the way down to the ground level of the basement. Dean was at least a foot taller than she was, so she had to look up at him when he spoke. Shelly lowered her gun. “You can put your hands down now,” Shelly said.

Shelly put her revolver back in her robe pocket but left the safety off. “Leave me like what?” Shelly retorted, “I was just about to go outside and fix the door, myself.”

“Oh, really!” Dean responded, “Miss, I just came one inch away from being hit by a lightning bolt, while I was fixing your door.” Dean pulled his long black curly locks from the sides of his face to the back of this head and Shelly could see his face. He had full black eye brows and a chiseled jaw. He had a strong muscular upper body that was still wet from the rain and deliciously exposed.

“Is that why you broke into my house in the middle of the night?” Shelly said as she walked past Dean to examine the repair job on the bulk head doors.

“Technically, Shelly the door was already open.” Dean stated.

From the basement view Shelly could see that one of the fasteners had been completely replaced. It was shinier than the others. The old one laid rusted and busted on the floor of the steps leading up to the bulkhead door. Shelly would not have had the equipment to do a full repair. Shelly had only intended on using a rope. Did all linemen keep fasteners in their cars Shelly thought?

“Thankyou!” Shelly said as she turned back around. Dean was putting his wet red plaid shirt back on and gathering what looked like a toolbox from the ground. Dean looked familiar somehow. But Shelly could not put her finger on the reason why.

“Have we met before?” Shelly inquired.

“I was not going to bring this up but yes,” Dean replied, “we used to go to Glenn Clove High together… Look I’m sorry about spooking you Shelly, that was never my intention. Hell, I was a little spooked myself after the lightning almost got me, I could have died.” “I was trying to lay low and let the lightning die down a bit before heading back out there.” “So sorry, about the intrusion, I felt like it was a life or death decision.”

“Dean Galant, I remember you.” Shelly said, as she switched her revolver on to safety from inside her pocket.

(Will Shelly let Dean stay and wait out the storm or will she kick him out?

Stay tuned and follow for part 3 next week. One commenter will be chosen in drawing to receive participation prize)

Alone (part 3)

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