Change to Status Quo


Disrupt the norm and enter the new the future is looking bright for you.

Resemblances of peace and natures calm. Returning from a blast of snow storm.

The residue from the rain is subsiding.

What was all the clouds up top hiding.


Beauty, joy and peace. I have found you at last, deep and hidden in my past.

You were in disguise, I did not see.

Thankyou once again for visiting me.

Please don’t leave, please don’t go.

Keep me company, I don’t like snow.


When you’re here I feel warm inside and out.

I have choices unlimited to dream about.

Why did it take so long for you to arrive?

My best boots are worn down, yet I forcefully strived.


Patience is virtue and as it turns out.

Future time has more clout than it does in its present.

It can be like a bank that stores up minutes and cashes out as hours.

Like a seed that is planted and becomes a flower.

Should you take a risk, should you break up status quo?

Let me ask you, do you like snow?


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