Alone Part 4


The next morning it was clear in the sky like the storm had never came. It was quiet, and as Shelly waited on her porch for Dean to arrive she sipped her tea. From her porch Shelly could see the storms devastation. There were trees that had fallen in the street and power lines that had been torn from there towers. Dean had been sent to repair the power line closest to her house. Shelly was pretty sure it was not a coincidence. When Dean pulled up he was in his workman boots and work attire. His hair was tied back into a ponytail and he had on a hard hat.  But his muscles were still bulging through his white cotton shirt. Dean was not alone. Dean and two other men similarly dressed had gotten out of the truck when he did. Dean took off his hat, and tucked it under his arm, as he approached Shelly on the porch, “hello again!”

“Hello Dean!” Shelly replied, “ready to see the lightning farm?”

In response, Dean held out his hand, to help Shelly down the stairs. Shelly put her teacup down and accepted his invitation. They all exchanged hellos and walked toward the backyard. As soon as they opened the backyard gate they could see that there was tiny pencil like black holes in the ground. All over the yard. “What the hell is this?” one line man said.

“Yo! Dean I can’t believe this man,” said another line man.

Shelly grabbed two shovels from the side of the lawn and gave one to Dean.

“Guys why don’t you start fixing the power line and I will let you know if we see an alien or not.” Dean said.

“Alright! Sounds good boss!” responded Dean’s line men crew.

As shelly and Dean walked across the crunchy scorched sections of grass, she approached the bulk head doors to her basement. Right outside of the doors were two burnt black footprints. But what was even stranger than that was, the footprints were merely outlines of footprints, the grass inside was completely untouched. “How is that possible?” Dean asked.

“How is any of this possible?” Shelly replied.

Dean stood inside of the footstep outlines. They matched his feet identically. Shelly and Dean exchanged glances. “Dean were you struck by lightning?” Shelly asked.

“No, it… it passed right by me. Over me.” Dean said.

“What is this?” They both said in unison.

Dean and Shelly started digging.

Alone part 5

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