Now that I have risen, I want new things.

I want to loosen and propel my springs.

How high can I fly; how far can I go?

There is always more to explore always more to sow.

You see one can never do enough, as long as your alive.

There will always be a need to be fulfilled that you can provide.

So yes, do explore, got to live yours, right?

But let’s not forget the others who help bring earth life.

Without them, who would you be? Where would you go to have your coffee or tea?

What would you eat without farm labor?

Hope you like to cook because there goes the baker.

No one to pick up your trash or your laundry,

No bids for the broker because they are walking.

No assembly line workers to put the cars together.

We are all strung together like birds of a feather.

When one falls we all do too.

So, say hi and give back, even if you THINK that someone is lower than you.


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